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Architecture/Real Estate/Development

L. A. PAUL & ASSOCIATES is a planning, architectural design and consulting firm experienced in a variety of projects throughout the Bay Area. The firm, founded in 1976, has the goal to produce successful projects that balance the client's needs with the public's concerns, while making them financially feasible and environmentally compatible within the community. To achieve this, we are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective services that are responsive to these goals.

The firm specializes in custom residential and commercial architecture and interior design, for private clients, small organizations and builder-developers. Our projects include new construction, additions and alterations, remodeling, historic renovation, adaptive reuse and conversion and tenant improvements. We have a broad range of experience in other project types as well, such as recreational, industrial and institutional buildings, apartments and condominiums and developmental planning.

L. A. PAUL & ASSOCIATES is also experienced in real estate, project development and construction management. With these in-house capabilities, clients realize the benefits of fast-track planning and design, quality, cost-effective construction and property enhancement. The firm retains professional consultant support in various capacities for engineering, landscape architecture and other specialty fields. This unique combination of talent and personnel in a small firm enables us to provide complete professional services for a wide variety of project types and sizes, from small remodels to large complex projects.